• Unlimited Lists  
  • Unlimited Demographics
  • Smart Connect - Automatic connection profiles for: connect, retries and sending, while optimized for delivery. Whether your list are TLD, broadband or GI, the system's "smart" connect delivers in the most optimized manner, while maintaining RFC standards and legitimate mailing protocols.
  • IP rate -throttle messages per IP per type of recipient (TLD, broadband, GI). Cofigurable connections per type.
  • IP rotation configurable by speed, rate or time. Whether you mail TLD, broadband or GI, the system can be catered to handle IP rotation or IP rates accordingly.
  • Domain Rotation - unlimited domain rotation, can be product specific
  • Domain throttling - contron the frequency domains rotate.
  • Message Rate - control message rate by IP and ISP type (TLD, broadband, GI).
  • Connection Throttling - throttle connection threads
  • Built in Demographics (& add anything else or customize templates)
  • MySQL powered for speed, performance & dependability. Can be localized per server or through a centralized MySQL server. The system supports both local server and network based MySQL structures.
  • ANTI-FOOTPRINT: System does not generate uneccessary footprints, while being compliant with RFC mail standards and current standards.
  • Sub-Domain support for links or email address. However, your DNS server must support wildcard subdomains for this.
  • From Name Rotation: supports campaign based friendly froms, customized to your company, products or services. Unlimited data rotation.
  • From Name Option Format: supports multiple format including; 1) defined names customized to your company or product, 2) based on your company domain name, 3) based on your company email address, or 4) standard format - email only (common mail client software format).
  • Email Seeding: supports unlimited address seeding with selectable frequecy of seeding per mailing.
  • xQuality - rot-N / diverse algorithm
          -  Allows recipeint tracking.
          -  Multi Tier recipient tracking and encoding
          -  Multiple rot-N & diversed based tracking points  
  • xTurbo - 3 Mail Engine MODE   
          -  Sendmail multi threaded standalone.
          -  Relay feeder for external SMTP or MTA
          -  Direct MX- threaded point to point delivery
  • Bounce Handling
    hard bounce identification & removal
         -  soft bounce identification & removal
  • Subscriber & Unsubscribe Tracking
          -  by day, month year - full stats
          -  track subscribe vs unsubscribe over time - historic graphs
  • Active Open list building
    Track and builds list of those who have chosen to view your
              messages. Also, able to quantify open message ratio.  
  • Remote Network mode OR local mode:
    In Network mode: You can have task specific servers spread out
            throughout the network, external networks, even other hosts.
         -  Unsubscribes, Bounces and Active Open List tracking can
            be assigned to other servers, etc...
         -  In Local Mode: The server can be setup as a standalone
            to do all tasks.  You choose:  Network mode or Local.  
  • Global Banning and Remove  - for removing any domain or email.
  • Supports Multiple Subjects
  • Archive Sent messages for future reference.
  • Successive List sending - send one after the other automatically.
  • Auto Subject Personalization (either demographic or username based)
  • Definable Custom Subject Prefix and Suffix (personalization, etc...)
  • Subject security encoding for sensitive material 
  • Double Opt-in support with subscriber verification  
  • Single Opt-in support  
  • Demographic Tracking - by day, month year - full stats  
  • HTML , Text, and Multi-part  message support  
  • Send both HTML and Text to subscribers = auto compatibility  
  • Multi site redirect support - handles multiple sites  
  • Multi List subscribe support - offer multiple newsletters, etc...  
  • Advanced Member Management System  
  • Built in subscriber search function  
  • List backups  
  • Entire MySQL database backups
         - can be
    If your server crashes (rare), restore your database as it was 
  • Track Opened Messages in any or all mailings
         -  Track the effectiveness of your campaigns and increase sales !
         -  Know your ratio of send vs. open
         -  Can track old messages for years!  
  • Advanced Send Algorithm
         -  no time outs, much less load on server!!
         -  Specially
    designed for dedicated server AND virtual/shared hosting!   
  • Scheduled Sending of Emails
         -  Schedule by any date, year and hour !
         -  Reschedule if needed 
  • Schedule Demographic based Emails  
         -  Schedule by any date, year and hour !
         -  Reschedule if needed 
  • Message Statistics and Overall Schedule tracking
  • Rental Mode support; Great for those renting list access
  • Individual Settings for lists.
         -  Optional confirmation.
         -  Subscribe/Unsubscribe message customization
  • Custom Reply to vs From
         -  allows routing to sales and the rest for bounces
         -  with this option YOU control replies (ex: to auto responders)  
  • Email reports of every action:  mailing status, crucial list actions, etc.. 
  • Data import system. 
  • Export Functionality  - backups are CSV format for easy exporting 
  • Test Emails with single or multiple addresses (ex: your clients)  
  • Multi User System
       -  Control:  employee access, client access, owner access, etc....
       -  List rental services - control environment for mailing and/or stats only  
  • List Merge capabilities  
  • ....... AND MORE FEATURES........!!!!!